#3 Set up SalesRook (Step-by-step)

Step 1: Download the SalesRook Extension

Click to goto SalesRook in the Chrome Web Store and 'Add to Chrome'.

n.b. If you're using the web browser 'EDGE', you well need to 'Allow extensions from other stores' first:

Once installed in your web browser(Chrome or Edge), using the jigsaw puzzle icon in the top right, PIN the extension to your toolbar, as below:

Step 2: Open Your SalesRook Extension

  • In the top right, SalesRook is now pinned to your desktop and you'll find it here(YELLOW ICON):

Click on the SalesRook icon (that you just downloaded and pinned) to launch the extension along with WhatsApp Web Chat.

The SalesRook panel sits on the right-hand side of web.whatsApp, as below.

Click 'Sign in with Reapit'

Enter your Reapit login credentials:

You'll then be greeted with the below 'Welcome to SalesRook' page.

If it's not already linked, please follow the WhatsApp instructions to link your device (mobile phone) using your business WhatsApp account:

Congratulations - You're all setup and can begin using WhatsApp right away.

Your screen should now look something like this:

NEXT UP: Using SalesRook and Sync'ing to Reapit

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