#2 Using SalesRook (Step-by-step)

n.b. You'll want web.whatsapp.com and SalesRook open on your desktop browser at ALL TIMES moving forward. In setup, if you haven't done THIS, please do.

Otherwise, you'll need to get into the habit of opening it in your browser(Chrome or Edge) every day.

There are three ways you can begin a WhatsApp conversation using SalesRook:

#1 Starting a new conversation in WhatsApp

If you wish to start a new WhatsApp conversation with someone, copy their mobile number from Reapit:

Then click 'COPY' to copy the phone number:

Next, navigate back to web.whatsapp.com and click on the BLUE button on the SalesRook panel(top right):

Then, paste(ctrl+v/comand+v) the number in the popup window:

Click 'Start Chat' and a chat with the relevant person will be initiated.

Send a message and the conversation will appear in WhatsApp on the left.

#2 Connect and sync WhatsApp chats to Reapit

  • Click on the relevant conversation on the left-hand side.

  • SalesRook will search your Reapit database, find them, and display them(on the right):

Select which card(contact, landlord, applicant or tenancy) you want the conversation to sync to(yellow dropdown)

Then, click, 'Link to Chat'

The chat is now linked and you will see the contacts information displayed in SalesRook:

Now, you can use WhatsApp as normal and SalesRook will automatically sync conversations into Reapit to the selected card.

Sync's to Reapit take place automatically:

  • Every time a new conversation is selected/clicked on in WhatsApp

  • Or manually, if you click 'Sync Now' (at the bottom of the SalesRook panel)

The sync will copy all new messages exchanged to the selected card in Reapit. No duplicates will happen.

If you want to change where messages sync to, you can click 'Unlink Contact' in SalesRook and reselect where the chat syncs to:

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